study for the fool

steel iron gold and rust

The ˈfülz ˈshü -  Brŏnzd  bo͞ot ˈwith singk plŭgz 

The Fool's Shoe by Bezoar

  Bronzed boot with sink plugs - size 12

rusted steel display

Spring Collection Cinderella Paglia

A bezoar is a calcium deposit found in a cow’s udder .  During  the middle ages they were  ornately embellished  and  displayed as  sacred relics on the pilgrimage routes where people  who desired to close the gap  between them selves and god, one way or another,  traveled . 

The Fool is unfettered consciousness. The Fool is pure being. 

Currently on show at the Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport

"Passages Exhibition"

Terminal 1


intricate reproductions of natural beauty

art jewelry and sculpture inspired by nature

Minnesota made

from  the heart of the northeast minneapolis

arts   district   in   the   california   building

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