Gail Grabow art and jewelry inspired by nature


Happy summer everyone!

I am delighted to announce that open studios in the California Building have resumed!  After all our long sentence apart from each other I look forward to seeing your smiling faces in my door!
Set the date for August 14th from noon to four.
Power up in Mojo coffee and wander the halls in search of creativity and communion!
Support the arts and they'll support you!

I am also pleased  to be a part of the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul Airport" Passages"  Exhibition along with  fellow Northeast MInneapolis Arts District Makers.  It will be on view this entire year of 2021 in Terminal One!
You can find it here! Enjoy your trip !
Follow me on Instagram for updates on my work, and daily flower and beespotting, a favorite summer pastime!
link below!
Our fragile etheric pollinators are endangered, and by default, so is all the beauty and goodness that they make possible! One of them, only a half inch long, inched along on its habitat of milkweed and and left a pointed message for the Orange Menace Trump and Bayer/Montsanto, who  without dispute, are enemies and a danger to our precious environment. Please do what you can to support and save the pollinators. Eating all organic  food is a start and a delicious one! Thank you!  and thank you incredible pollinators! You are heroes! You are lovers! Your love! Your tireless pollinating! The world would be a bleak and unholy place without all the blossoms that you make possible!  To fully enjoy the video below, hit the pause button  up top, and turn up the volume below!

Much love to you all and to Mother Nature!