Happy beautiful summer is here!

These fragile etheric workers are endangered, and by default, so is the beauty that they make possible in this world. One of them, only a half inch long, inched along on its habitat of milkweed and and left a pointed message for our Orange Idi Amin and Bayer/Montsanto. Please do what you can to support and save the pollinators. Eating all organic  food is a start and a delicious one! Thank you!  and thank you pollinators!

Open studios have, sadly,  been postponed until we will all be safe! I miss you all and look forward so much to the day that we  open our doors again and your smilling faces return! Stay well, and please be safe! xoxog

intricate reproductions of natural beauty

art jewelry and sculpture inspired by nature

Minnesota made

from  the heart of the northeast minneapolis

arts   district   in   the   california   building

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