Gail Grabow art and jewelry inspired by nature

Hello Everyone!
Thank you everyone who came out to visit me during Art A Whirl! It was so much fun to see new and old faces alke after our long absence! Thank you so much to everyone who supported me with purchases! I cannot do it without you! I love to see the energy of my work call out to people and then watch it meet its forever home! It is a meaningful and magical aspect of my work. I am giddy with excitement at the prospect of completing my vase prototype and your support has made it possible! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I will be open June 11th for Second Saturday in the California Building. Hours 11-4
2205 California Street NE
studio 210
Minneapolis, MN 55418
From May through September, in addition to having my work on display during open Second Saturday studio events, I will happily tell you everything I know about raising Monarchs, and any Show-and-Tell available will be on display for your inquiring eyes! Come watch the 'cats' munch! The Monarchs need our help and in doing so you are initiated into one of Mother Nature's sublime performances.
Follow me on Instagram for updates on my work, and daily flower and beespotting photos - my favorite pastime! KIngdom_of_Oie or link in footer below

Our fragile etheric pollinators are endangered, and by default, so is all the beauty and goodness that they make possible! One of them, only a half inch long, inched along on its habitat of milkweed and and left a pointed message for the Orange Menace Trump and Bayer/Montsanto, who  without dispute, are enemies and a danger to our precious environment. Please do what you can to support and save the pollinators. Eating all organic  food is a start and a delicious one! Thank you!  and thank you incredible pollinators! You are heroes! You are lovers! Your love! Your tireless pollinating! The world would be a bleak and unholy place without all the blossoms that you make possible!  To fully enjoy the video below, hit the pause button  up top, and turn up the volume below! Sustainable, green and organic is the sacred path we can all take together!