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 be the nectar

 Talisman to be  the nectar.

I love bees! I love to watch them and I am so amazed by what they do for us! They are sacred creatures responsible for so much beauty everywhere on earth, as well as for keeping us all alive. This bee is prototyped from the  Xylocopa Caerulea, or Blue Fur Carpenter bee. This species sports a furry blue ensemble - a vest and collar of electric blue fur, and furry black pollen sacks, and in her world  there really is a whole lotta shakin' goin on. She practices an active method of collecting pollen grains called buzz pollination. When she lands upon a flower, she uses her thoracic muscles to produce sound waves that, in turn, shake the pollen loose! It's earthly magic.

I purchased a card of three, and it really was a thrill  to carefully examine this delicate, nearly weightless, instrument-like being. She provides the essential pollination for plants to reproduce, that, in turn,   keep us alive and make the world  a beautiful place.  Bees are a vital part of the balance of life. They journey from one petal to the next and  imbibe  flower nectar in perfumed air.  They lounge on flower petals! They are beautiful. They are sacred.

Love nature. Honor the bees and save them. Eat organic food. Protect the earth. Boycott Montsanto/Bayer.  Be the nectar.

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