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fool's alchemy: to turn flowers into gold

fool's alchemy: to turn flowers into gold

Fool's alchemy: to turn flowers into gold.

The alchemists wanted to transform base metals into gold. My job is to turn flowers into gold.  It is a transmutation of sorts and what I refer to as Fool's Alchemy, an extant subdivision of Mysticism. It is my way to breathe eternity into her ephemeral beauty.

Examples of plants used from which component designs originated.

Cast 18karat gold  honeysuckle flower buds set with .22ct. VSGHI diamonds and  with tiny sepal leaves of arnica enclosing beautiful 13mm x 15 1/2mm, naturally occurring silver color, Australian South Sea baroque pearls.

1 13/16" from top to bottom.





Accompanying necklace available - It's a Yin Yang Thing - please see 'neck' page.

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