calyx sepals of arnica flower

calyx sepals of arnica flower

The  various flower like forms in my work were created by molding and then casting the elaborate sepal formations of the arnica calyx. Examples here show their great variations of form as well as the flower in full blossom .

When arnica migrates into the shade, or perhaps, if the flower on the plant gets a later start in the season,  the flower petals might not fully emerge. Instead, growth becomes concentrated in the sepals, what is a kind of outer floral envelope, also known as the calyx. Under these circumstances, the calyx becomes increasingly elaborate, or petaloid, and comes to resemble a flower, itself. They seem to become more elaborate in relation to the the lesser extent that the petals have emerged. Although the stones in the first two earrings shown are bezel set, the tiny petals remain as a kind of faux prong.

Perhaps the calyx's intent is to trick the pollinators in to  jumping around on it, or perhaps, because the sepals deliver more chlorophyll, their growth is an effort on the part of the arnica to aid in its progression of blossoming. The variations of form and the domination of an arnica's parts vary greatly, they pass insensibly into each other,  as you can see here. It is as if genetics has said to  each flower 'Your fate is not written in stone, but will depend greatly upon the variations of light and sun that reach you.' Again, nature is a living metaphor for the human experience and the energy that nourishes us.

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