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be the nectar

Be the nectar.  Cast sterling silver bee with a spessartine garnet heart and a 5x9mm. rhodolite garnet briolette.

1 3/4" wingspan and 17 inches end to end.

I have a dozen of my 'be the nectar' bees out in the world and I love to see who  each one finds! I have always wondered how the bees choose the flowers they go to and so when I make my bees  I try to create combinations of stones that will fit different people, just as the bees find the right flowers to land on,  the bees that I make bees find the just right people too. I created this bee from a mold of the blue fur carpenter bee, or   Xylocopa Caerulea.

I was so happy when this necklace was purchased by Lois, an environmentalist with the Alaskan Wilderness League, who I greatly admire for the beautiful work that she does for the bees and all the rest of us, living here on earth. 

Light as a feather, but doing the job of the world - she pollinates our food and makes the world beautiful.

Honor the bee. Eat organic food.

Love nature. Protect the earth.

Boycott Montsanto and Bayer.

Talisman to be the nectar.

Bee photo credit: budak/Flicker



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