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Chakra Rainbow Bracelet

Chakra Rainbow Bracelet

Hand cast sterling silver bracelet prototyped from a large peace lily pistil.

The color spectrum of the rainbow and of the chakra system are all here in natural faceted gemstones. The colors resonnate with exquisite color and their energy is palpable. This bracelet comes alive on the body. 

Hand cast sterling cast clasp with morning glory bud details. rhodolite garnet (R), spessartite garnet (O), spessartite garnet (Y) garnet, peridot (G), Santa Maria aquamarine (B), amethyst (V) , rose quartz (aura). 

All natural faceted round gemstones 7.00 - 7.2mm. 

 7.5 inches length 

Power piece. Protection.

The magic and alchemy of stones. 

One of a kind. 



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