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divine footprint variations

divine footprint variations

Examples of variations available of the divine footprint. The first shown iswith a 7mm faceted aquamarine in a lotus flower setting, the next  with a 7mm lavender blue faceted tanzanite set in the poppy seedhead setting, and lastly, one 7mm rainbow spark sphene set in lotus flower setting. In this case the lotus flower design  has hibiscus stigma used as ' prongs" of  stone setting at customer's request.

The poppy seed head setting with the tanzanite originated from a lateral slice of a poppy seed head (shown)  that resulted in a 13 spoked wheel. Thirteen is an auspicious and magical number! 

Also shown  is  the image of the repousse from India from which I made the drawing  to create the foot's design.  A detailed description of the origins and significance of the foot  may be seen at the bottom of my 'foot' page.

To order a custom version please contact me with your ideas,  or watch for new ones added to my inventory.  Cost will be determined by market and value of your stone selection. In times of Covid, the time it takes to procure materials is variable and thus determines completion date.  A non refundable half down payment is required once project is determined and price is agreed upon, and remainder of payment and shipping cost due upon completion.

Please email me with your inquiries.

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