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Fool's alchemy - to turn flowers into gold

Fool's alchemy - to turn flowers into gold

The alchemists wanted to transform base metals into gold. I've made it my job to turn flowers into gold.  It is a transmutation of sorts and is what I refer to as Fool's Alchemy, an extant subdivision of Mysticism. It is my way to breathe eternity into her ephemeral beauty.



Fool's alchemy.

Flowers all year.


Cast 18 karat gold milkweed flower drop earrings  set with lightbulb like, VS AA grade 4mm paraiba blue tourmaline,  and cast drop leaves prototyped from arnica sepals.


1 31/32" from top to bottom.  Lightweight 3.6 dwt.

Examples of arnica calyx and milkweed flowers shown, from which earring components originated.

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