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divine footprint

divine footprint

Cast sterling silver divine footprint with simple toggle clasp on 17.5"   3.1 mm. heavy round cable chain. Length may be added for an additional $5. per inch.

Shown above, the image of the repousse from India from which I made the drawing to create the foot's design. Also, a version of the divine footprint carved in stone. The foot may  be ordered with either a lotus flower or 13 spoked poppy seed head wheel above it, set with a roughly 7-8  mm size stone. Please refer to variations shown on my 'foot' page  and contact me if you would like a custom version. 

A durable piece that is  suitable for all people and, with proper care, will last a lifetime.

To stand on the shoulders of giants.

To follow in the path of the divine.


Origins and significance of the symbolism of the divine footprint pendant  may be seen at the bottom of my 'foot' page.

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