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divine footprint with watemelon tourmaline

divine footprint with watemelon tourmaline

A detailed description of the origins and significance of this necklace may be seen at the bottom of my 'foot' page.

Cast sterling silver divine footprint pendant with watermelon (color) tourmaline in setting  created  from a lateral slice of a poppy seed head (shown) that resulted in a 13 spoked wheel! 13 is frequently perceved as a magical or cosmic number.  

17.5" 3.6 mm heavy round sterling cable chain and cast toggle clasp.

The image of a repousse from India is shown from which my design originated. The upper setting was created from a cross section of a poppy seed head which produced a 13 spoked wheel. 13 is considered by many to be an auspicious and mnagucal number.

To capture the detail of this piece a certain amount of shadow is necessary and the stone is slightly lighter in person than it appears in the photo,  but the tone is the same.  More watery like watermelon...only stone.


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