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bee pendant with rutilated quartz and tourmaline briolette

be the nectar bee pendant with 14karat gold, star rutilated quartz, tourmaline

I am a devotee of bees and spend many walks bees spotting. I love to watch their persevering energy, their altruism in action, and the object of their devotion, the flower.  The reproductive nectary center of the flower to be exact.  The flower summons the bees with their luminous color and fragrance - the bees come and make flower sex happen!  It is a beautiful and mystical event!

Over time I have purchased several star rutilated quartz but I was amazed to find one demure enough to fit this piece! They are, in general, much larger. Highly cherished as a healing stone, star rutilated quartz is created by golden rutile, a form of titanium dioxide, also known as the hairs of Venus,  whose needle like inclusions  form a star cluster, or asterism, within its host rock of crystal quartz,  and which is punctuated with hematite, the black part that you see.  What stone could be more  cosmically aligned than  a golden flower formed inside quartz deep within the earth?  A flower for the bee made by Mother Earth herself!  In my ever changing hive in my ongoing series 'Be the Nectar', this one is presently the Queen Bee!

Although bees are  light as a feather, they  they do the job of the world!  They pollinate our food and make the world beautiful and delicious! Apples! Almonds! Blueberries! Cherries! Avocados! Cucumbers! Onions! Grapefruit! Flowering trees! and most importantly, food for our souls - every blossom elevates our spirit simply by existing.

Bees are disappearing and dying.

If they go, we're next.

Love nature.

Save the bees.

Eat organic food.

Protect the earth.

Boycott Bayer/Montsanto.

Save beauty.

Honor the bee.

Talisman to be the nectar.


Cast sterling bee pendant (prototyped from Xylocopea Caerulea) with 8x7mm star rutilated quartz cabachon cut stone and 12 x 6.5 mm. teal blue indicololite tourmaline briolette. 

Clasp is hand cast sterling silver leaf ends with lobster claw catch,  and with contrasting 14karat gold 1.8mm heavy cable chain.

1 3/4" wingspan and 18 1/4" inches end to end.

Bee photo credit: budak/Flickr


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