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Leaf buds bracelet

Leaf buds bracelet

My jewelry  doesn't grow on trees but this time almost!   I was walking along one beautiful spring day and looked down to see a  4” segment of a tree branch laden with leaf buds, pregnant with the robust growth of Spring. How it got there I have no idea, but it was beautiful, and so I molded it. A twig like this comes from a mature tree -  a young tree begins with leaf buds only on end, but, after many years of growth, the surface of each branch is laden with the ever increasing forms that the leaf buds produce. After I molded the twig, I  made multiple wax copies of it so that I could create a variety of views taken from varying sides and lengths of the branch. I also  isolated the leaf buds  to create the clusters that  hang 2” from the bracelet itself. Slightly different from vbiew you see,  I now hang them from the center twig so that they hang freely and unobstructed and do not get in the way of the morning glory toggle catches.
Cast and oxidized sterling silver  twigs and a double morning glory toggle clasp. 7 1/2” by 1 5/8" shown.  The length may  be adjusted to your specifications by adding or subtracting twigs.  It is a large piece and best worn with a little slack. Please specify your desired length. Made to order. Please email me to arrange.

A leaf bud interlude if you like. Once, I cut an 'about to emerge' leaf bud off  the end of a large sapling. I wanted to mold it but knew that a wax as large as this finger tip sized piece of wood, would "shrink and sink" when cast, both in wax and in metal, and then end up mishapen. I needed to hollow this little twig end out to create an object with a thin and  uniform thickness in order to get an accurate reproduction in the mold. Out came the small particles of wood as I ground it out with my burr. I reduced it to a hollow form < 2mm in thickness and proceeded to mold it. 
On my following walks I looked at the same tree again, a few days later, and the branch tips almost identical to the piece that I had cut, had produced huge, vivid green leaves  6" in diameter, the leaves of a young tree usually being large in scale with all the energy of the tree going into just a few leaves.  The leaves now felt like magic! There was nothing green or anything that resembed a leaf inside that tiny twig end several days before when I ground it out and all I saw was sawdust!  Where did the big green leaves come from? The sun, the air, and the tree conspire to form every leaf and as far as I can tell,  it is a part of nature's wonder,  and  her inimitable and beautiful alchemy.


Out of Stock,  but will make to order. Please contact me.

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