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memento mori

memento mori

A memento mori to be mindful of death. Although it is always present, so too is life, everchanging and flowering all around us. Death rips our hearts open to make us aware of what life really is, and to cherish each moment. In light of this, we may strive to flower ourselves, and  to create beauty along the way. Go into the sorrows of the world joyfully.

Memento mori object.

Treasure of awareness.

Cast sterling silver  bracelet with hand cast botanical elements that include budding chysanthemum, ground ivy leaves (Glechoma Hederacae), calyx of arnica flower, peace signs with morning glory bud details, skull with third eye, mystery "Chinese" seeds given to me by another gardener, and morning glory bud peace sign clasp and toggle set , set with rhodolite garnets and rubelite tourmaline.

7 3/4" end to end.

Examples of some of the plants used from which the components of the bracelet were designed.


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