memento mori

memento mori

Cast sterling silver calyx of arnica flowers set with 7mm natural vivid blue zircons and skulls set with 3mm vivid blue  zircons. Post earrings with wide sterling silver post backs.

1 3/4" from top to bottom.

An example of an arnica calyx from which the upper flower was prototyped is hown here. The skull was created in a wax carving.

A memento mori to be mindful that, although death is ever present, life goes on, everchanging, and flowering all around us in endless ways. Death exists to make us aware of what life really is. In light of this, we may strive to flower ourselves, and to create beauty along the way.

Memento mori objects.  Treasures of awareness.





    intricate reproductions of natural beauty

    art jewelry and sculpture inspired by nature

    Minnesota made

    from  the heart of the northeast minneapolis

    arts   district   in   the   california   building

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