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Large cast sterling silver hand pendant with universal symbolism, and with decorative  back surface with maker's logo, on 16" 5mm black rubber cord with twist and lock clasp.

Pendant measures 2 1/4"h x 2"w.

For many cultures world wide, the Hamsa, or hand, is a symbol of protection that wards off negative forces. It is associated with the feminine and the number five. In a large drawing, from which I made the piece, I embellished the Hamsa shape with universal symbolic motifs - an Orobouros that is symbolically analgous to the flowering yin yangs on either side of it, with lotus flowers that represent the stages of consciousness and upon which the buddha stands - they rise from the mud into the water, into the atmosphere, and, then, like buddha consciousness, aspires towards the heavens. There are, also represented, the flame of the spirit, birds of transcendence, and lastly, a contiguous border of circles to represent Saṃsāra, the endless round of existence.

Mythic themes. Universal symbolism.

Protective hand. Hamza.


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