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pleasure and power

pleasure and power

Three strands on covered steel cable wire necklace with free form natural and untreated turquoise beads, antique African butterscotch, and Baltic amber,  and trade beads, and blue chalcedony, rock quartz, glass, and topaz beads,  with a cast sterling silver, morning glory bud toggle clasp. 16 1/2  -17".

This necklace was a labor of love for color, with the desire to combine the 2nd and 4th chakra colors of pleasure, and love, respectively orange and green, and to place them at the seat of power, the throat chakra, which is represented by blue, to symbolically integrate pleasure and power using color. 

A weighty piece best worn naked to lighten the load.

Modeled by the lovely Hilary, the painter. Hilarygreenstein.com



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