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romanesco fractal cast sterling silver earrings

romanesco fractal cast sterling silver earrings

Nature is mind blowingly intricate and Romanesco is a brilliant example. It is a beautiful chartruese green vegetable. The globe of Romanesco cauliflower is composed of spiraling tiny bumps ascending and  dimishing in size and all those bumps, in turn, are each embellished with spirals of tiny bumps! A fractal pattern and a Fibonacci sequence is formed by the spirals of the buds. A mathematical vegetable! It represents the Fibonacci or golden spiral, a logarhythmic spiral where every quarter turn is farther from the origin by a factor of phi, the golden ratio.

With the applications of mold making and lost wax casting I reproduce her etheric forms into ones of everlasting permanence, that is, into metal. It is my way to breathe eternity into her ephemeral beauty.

Spirals are symbolic of the universe that is mutable and eternally unfolding. We reside in a spiral galaxy and now matching earrings are available.

Cast and oxidized sterling silver 'romanesco' earrings with 18karat gold drop ear wires.

7/8" from top to bottom,  it forms an elegant termination of the earlobe.






Currently out of stock - please submit request if you would like to purchase them.


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