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Stapelia Grandiflora

Stapelia Grandiflora

Cast sterling silver Stapelia Grandiflora reproductive system, drop earring set with 4mm natural blue zircon.

1/2" in diameter and 1/2" high. The entire earring is 15/16" top to bottom.

I walked into my studio one Monday and immediately thought that perhaps I had left some food out over the weekend. A friend had given me a few cuttings of a plant but hadn't told me what to expect other than it would be easy to grow. They didn't tell me that it was a stinky flower! It produced a beautiful 10" diameter bloom and the smell was truly horrible! In the center of this huge flower was this intricate and beautiful form that is its reproductive system. It was a ready made for molding, and even the filaments became the prongs to set the stone.

Examples of Stapelia Grandiflora,  from which earring design was molded and prototyped.

Reproductive system of flower.




Quintessentially feminine.

A talisman for conception!


Available with this length ear wire in pink spinel also. Please email me to order.




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