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Stapelia Grandiflora

Cast sterling silver Stapelia Grandiflora reproductive system, post earring set with 4mm dusty pink spinel and with wide sterling silver back.

I walked into my studio one day and immediately thought that perhaps I had left some food out over the weekend. A friend had given me a few cuttings of a plant but hadn't told me what to expect other than it would be easy to grow. It was a stinky flower! It produced a beautiful 10" diameter flower and the smell was terrible! but in the center was this intricate and beautiful form that is its reproductive system. It was a ready made, and even the filaments became the prongs to set the stone. It is

Examples of plant from which design originated.

1/2" in diameter and 1/2" high.

Reproductive system of flower.

Quintessentially feminine.

Light. Swingy. Intricate.



    intricate reproductions of natural beauty

    art jewelry and sculpture inspired by nature

    Minnesota made

    from  the heart of the northeast minneapolis

    arts   district   in   the   california   building

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