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Stapelia Grandiflora

Stapelia Grandiflora

Cast sterling silver Stapelia Grandiflora reproductive system, post earring set with 4mm dusty pink spinel and with wide sterling silver back.

I walked into my studio one Monday and immediately thought that perhaps I had left some food out over the weekend. A friend had given me a few cuttings of a plant but hadn't told me what to expect other than it would be easy to grow. They didn't tell me that it was a stinky flower! It produced a beautiful 10" diameter bloom and the smell was truly horrible! In the center of this huge flower was this intricate and beautiful form that is its reproductive system. It was a ready made, and even the filaments became the prongs to set the stone.

Examples of plant from which earring design was molded and prototyped.

1/2" in diameter and 1/2" high.

Reproductive system of flower.

Quintessentially feminine.

Lightweight. Intricate.


Also available on (longer than pictured here ) with 1 5/16 " drop earwires,

in both pink spinel and blue Zircon.

Please inquire.





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