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flower power earrings - with rubelite tourmaline

flower power earrings - with rubelite tourmaline

Cast sterling arnica calyx set with 5mm pink tourmaline,  with 18karat gold long drop ear wires. Oxidized to highlight details.

1 1/2" from top to bottom.

A few examples of arnica calyx are pictured, similar to the one from which the earrings were prototyped. When arnica grows in the shade, or a flower on the plant gets a late start, the petals of the emerging flowers are diminutive and do not fully emerge. Instead, growth occurs in the sepals of the calyx, which, become increasingly elaborate, and come to resemble flowers themselves. You can see the tiny emerging petals in the earring center, pushed over the stones. More wonderful examples of  arnica with yellow flower image, appearing at end  of this page.

Sepals become like flowers.



Flower power.

Flowers all year.



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